NIHONGO SENSEI is the best way to learn Japanese from zero. The course takes you from the very basics of learning hiragana and katakana, through to kanji and vocabulary, and culminates with comprehensive instruction on grammar and an extensive library of JLPT practice questions!

All this whilst you unlock pieces of an exciting, underlying story told in Japanese that scales with your progress!

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How does it work?

With NIHONGO SENSEI, you'll progress through a series of chapters that are part of an overall story. Chapters cover material ranging from the JLPT N5 language exam at the beginning, through to JLPT N1 content and above in later chapters—more content is added regularly!

Each chapter contains a number of items that you will learn using a spaced repetition system. This system ensures all of the items you learn are moved from fragile short-term memory into more secure long-term memory. As you correctly answer questions about an item, that item will appear less often!
What will I learn?

In addition to teaching all of the kana and Kangxi radicals, NIHONGO SENSEI currently teaches 130 kanji, 439 items of vocabulary, and 61 grammar points. There are also 43 JLPT practice questions available—those are live figures! As new content is added to the site, these figures will update.

All of the content in the first three chapters of the site is completely free forever—this covers all of the kana, and enough kanji, vocabulary, and grammar for you to pass the JLPT N5 language exam with flying colours. After that, a small subscription fee is charged that goes towards supporting content development and site hosting costs.
What's this about a story?

This bit excites us the most! A common complaint of language students is that it doesn't feel like you're getting anywhere. The knowledge you've learned isn't being applied and everything you've memorised is being forgotten.

What NIHONGO SENSEI does is provide an exciting and engaging dark fantasy story that you unlock as you progress through the chapters of the site. The vocabulary and grammar of the story scales with your own level; even after the first chapter you'll be shocked by just how much of a real story you can actually comprehend.
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